What's New

2016.05.20 Provident received a patent for its unique RFID tag design in the US and in China  >> press release
2014.01.27 Provident releases the unique cylindrical RFID tag, "Metal-Attach® MA18"   >> press release
2013.10.22 Provident upgrades its "Metal-Attach® MA11"  >> press release
2013.02.07 Provident exhibits at the "RFID Journal LIVE! 2013" held in Orlando, Fla., USA from Apr. 30 to May 2, 2013
2012.09.21 Provident exhibits at the electronica 2012" held in Munich, Germany from Nov. 13 to 16, 2012
2012.05.09 Provident releases the new products, "Metal-Attach® MA11," the UHF on-metal tag available for various-shaped metal products  >> press release
2012.04.23 Provident exhibits the new product "Metal-Attach® MA11" at the "7th RFID Solution Expo" from May 9 in Tokyo, Japan
2011.07.08 Provident exhibits "Metal-Attach® MA02" at the "AUTO-ID Expo 2011" in Tokyo, Japan
2011.07.08 Provident starts sales of its new product, "Metal-Attach® MA02," from July 11, 2011  >> press release