Press Release

Provident upgrades its "Metal-Attach® MA11"

Oct. 22, 2013

Provident Corporation today announced that the company upgrades its main product, "Metal-Attach® MA11."

The RFID tag chip used in the MA11 is changed from ImpinjMonza3 to Monza5. This upgrade increases the communication distance about 20 to 30%. The company does not change the price.

Provident's "Metal-Attach® MA11" is the UHF-based on-metal tag attachable on various-shaped metal objects, liquid containers and more. The MA11 inlay part is long and thin, and its plastic case has a rim and a hinge. This enlarges margin to adhere and makes the MA11 easy to attach and difficult to get off. Provident received a patent in Japan because of this original design.

The upgrade of the chip will increase the applications of "Metal-Attach® MA11."

Please see the more details on "Metal-Attach® MA11 " from here.