Metal-Attach® MA18

The unique cylindrical RFID on-metal tag


"Metal-AttachR MA18" is a a unique RFID on-metal tag, which has a cylindrical shape, and this shape makes it possible to MA18 attachable on various metal objects easily.

Its inlay is sandwiched between the cylindrical plastic inside and the resin film outside, and the center of the cylindrical tag is a hollow.

This unique shape makes it easy to attach the MA18 on various metal objects easily by passing a banding band through a hole of the tag. Or just pass the metal cable or wire through the hole.

The "Metal-Attach® MA18" has high resistance to environment, to impact, and to chemicals, and can be used outside.


  • Easy to attach due to its cylindrical shape
      - Able to attach a cage-truck or a dolly by passing banding-band through a hole of the tag
      - Passing a metal-cable or wire through a hole of the tag

  • Able to use outside

  • High resistance to environment, to impact, and to chemicals

  • Low price, high cost-performance: Open price



Where to attach





Red shows examples of attachment.

  • Cage truck

  • Steel container, steel shelf

  • Tools, production equipment, building materials

  • Flexible container

  • Bicycles, motorcycles

  • Cables, wires

  • Sashes for Ekiden running or marathon, etc.

How to use

  • Inventory & logistics management

  • Asset management

  • Tracking

  • Equipment maintenance & management

  • Measuring running time, etc.


Inlay Impinj Monza5
(memory: EPC max 128bits, TID 48bits)
Data Retention: Max 10 years
Read/Write: Max 100,000 times (temperature +25C)
Standard - EPCglobal Gen2
- ISO/IEC 18000-6TypeC
Frequency 860 - 960MHz
Dimensions W4.5mm (+ rim 10mm) x L97mm x H7mm
External diameter 16mm (inside diameter 14mm) x L100mm
Communication range* - Max 5m (free space)
- Max 3m (attached on metal)
    * Depend upon environment
Case materials Polyolefin、PVC
Environmental condition Operating temperature: -30C - +85C
Storage temperature: -25C - +50C
Product photo

Purchasing "Metal-Attach® MA18"

"Metal-Attach® MA18" is open price. You can purchase it from our distributors. Please ask the detail to Provident