UHF On-Metal Tag

"Metal-Attach®" series

Low-priced RFID tags and tag labels, attachable on various-shaped objects

by its patented original unique tag design


Its simple but unique structure is patented in Japan. Low-riced paper tag labels, patented in Japan.


Its original structure enables it to attach on various-shaped metals. Patented in Japan and other countries.


The unique cylindrical RFID tag, easy to attach on various objects. Patent-pending in Japan.

The UHF RFID-tag system is the mechanism to administrate various objects using data in the very-small wireless IC chips. Compared to the bar-code system, the IC-tag system can handle greater amount of data, and read data more accurately with longer distance. However, when IC tag is attached on metals directly, it is difficult to read the data in it affected by the metals.

Provident's UHF on-metal tag, "Metal-Attach®" series, succeeded to solve this problem by its original tag design.

The "Metal-Attach®" series include the "Metal-Attach® MA02," paper-based low-priced UHF on-metal tag label, the "Metal-Attach® MA11," plastic-based RFID tag available for various-shaped metals, and the "Metal-Attach® MA18," unique cylindrical RFID tag.